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Our History

The Crime Victim Center (CVC) of St. Louis was established in 1972 as Aid for Victims of Crime. CVC was the first victim services agency in the nation to work with victims of all types of crime regardless of their involvement with the criminal prosecution process. In 1982, CVC helped organize and provides testimony to President Reagan's Task Force on Victims of Crime, which results in the creation of the federal Office for Victims of Crime and in the passage of the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) which now funds thousands of victim service programs across the country. During a planned merger in 2012, Legal Advocates for Abused Women (LAAW) became a part of the Crime Victim Center.  

CVC’s mission statement is to “empower people impacted by crime to move from crisis to resiliency.” The primary focus of the agency is to reduce to negative effects of crime for individuals, families, and communities in a trauma informed and holistic approach. The Crime Victim Center serves over 7,000 people impacted by crime annually within the St. Louis Metropolitan Region. The 2012 merger brought domestic/sexual violence specific programs that work within the court and police systems of St. Louis City and County. Adding these services, allows all victims of crime to receive comprehensive services that address their unique needs.  

Agency clientele is 95% is at-or below-poverty level and 80% identify as female. The Crime Victim Center services includes advocacy, counseling, legal assistance, and community outreach. In addition to providing direct service to clients for over 50 years, CVC continues to be lead researchers in effects, interventions, and preventions of crime. CVC serves all victims without discrimination and all services are free of charge. CVC has a strong training partnership with social service agencies, law enforcement agencies, and corporations to help them improve their response to victims in their organizations or communities.  

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