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Our counseling program provides trauma informed therapy to individuals who have been impacted by crime. 

What is trauma?

Trauma is a normal reaction to an abnormal experience

Crime and violence have a significant emotional effect on its victims. What may seem like an "insignificant" experience can, for some, be life changing. Some experiences with crime or violence occur on top of former emotional wounds, making it more difficult to adapt to trauma.

Common reactions include: 

  • The feeling that you’re “crazy” and that no on understands 

  • Feeling overly alert all the time (or “jumpy”)

  • Everyone you talk to is either tired of hearing about what happened, or you don’t want to burden you friends and family any more by talking about what happened to you

  • Sleep issues

  • You can’t seem to stop being mad

  • Feeling guilty

  • You’re scared your life will never be the same

Program Information

We provide counseling to victims and their families through individual, family and group sessions designed to address the underlying causes of trauma and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Victims discover their own strength through guided sessions, building upon their own resilience to discover the best ways of establishing a "new normal" following crime. 


Our Counseling Program

  • Provided to adults and children over the age of 10

  • Is free to victims and their families

  • Is provided by licensed clinicians

  • Can last as long as the client needs (no limits on the number of sessions)

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't report the crime to the police.  Can I come to counseling?

Yes. Reporting the crime to the police is not required to receive services at        Crime Victim Center.

Do you take insurance?

No.  Our services are free of charge. 

My crime occurred when I was a child, but now I am an adult.  Can I come to counseling?

Yes.  Crimes can occur at any time during the lifespan.  We are here for you when you are ready to talk. 

Someone I know was a victim of a crime, and I would like to talk about how it affects me.  Can I come to counseling?

Yes.  Our services are open to anyone impacted by crime.  That means we see victims, their families, friends, co-workers, witnesses, and community members. 

Do you offer phone counseling?

Our counselors are trained to provide secure therapy through Telemental Health (TMH).  We provide TMH by using HIPPA secure platforms, which can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

Can Crime Victim Center prescribe medications?

No, Crime Victim Center counselors cannot prescribe medication. 

Does Crime Victim Center offer counseling to non-English speakers?

Yes. Crime Victim Center partners with interpreters through Language Access Multicultural People to provide translation services in therapy. 

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