Court Services & Collaborations

Court Order of Protection Assistance Projects (COPA City & County)


These programs work in partnership with the St. Louis City and County Family Courts to assist petitioners of Orders of Protection.


Advocates work from courthouse offices to provide immediate crisis support, safety planning, referrals for legal assistance and social services, information about the legal process, and assistance in completing the petition.

Legal information includes victims’ rights under the Adult Abuse Act in order to request all to which they are entitled, provisions of the ex parte Order of Protection should one granted, and the importance of returning for the Full Hearing. County COPA also partners with the Domestic Violence Court to provide court advocacy to petitioners at all Domestic Violence Dockets.


These programs serve as resources for judges, Adult Abuse Clerks, other court personnel, and law enforcement.


City COPA began in 1999 and County COPA in 2001.



Municipal Court Advocacy Project (MCAP)


This program work in partnership with the St. Louis County Counselor’s Office to assist victims when cases are prosecuted at the municipal level. Advocates work with the county counselors to provide extensive support throughout the criminal process, as appropriate, including: status updates; explanation of court procedures and the role of court personnel, the purpose of each hearing and the possible outcomes; explanation of Missouri statutes and County ordinances;  and individualized intervention and safety planning.  The advocates will also assess for pending civil and criminal cases in neighboring jurisdictions to ensure effective collaboration and service.


This program serves as a resource for judges, prosecutors at the municipal level, other court personnel, and law enforcement.


MCAP began in 1998 under a different administering agency and became a LAAW program in 2002.