Victim Advocacy


Victim Advocates are professionals trained to support victims of crime and violence. Our advocates will learn about a victim's experience, then help match the appropriate resources and help to their needs. We help fill out paperwork, serve as a liaison to critical services, advocate for victims' rights, help communicate with landlords, employers and other individuals whom victims depend upon for their livelihood, and more.


Our job as advocates is to assess the needs of victims and find the most appropriate solutions to ensure victims have the emotional and physical support necessary to overcome the negative effects of crime. This may include providing information on victimization, help navigating the criminal justice system, assisting in filing orders of protection, help filing for Crime Victims Compensation, communicating with law enforcement, etc.


We have Victim Advocates trained to help with all crimes as well as Victim Advocates specializing in domestic violence, sexual assault and homicide. We are not the police, and we do not require victims to report crime in order to receive assistance. However, we strongly encourage victims to report any incidences of crime or violence as it is in their best interest and protection.


All information provided to us in our role as Victim Advocates is confidential. We will not, without permission, discuss a victim's case with law enforcement, other social service agencies or the media. CVC Victim Advocates help all victims, regardless of type of crime or status in the criminal justice system. All advocacy services are free of charge to victims and their families.


                                                                           To receive help from an advocate, call (314) 652-3623

Trauma Counseling and Crisis Response


Crime and violence have a significant emotional effect on its victims. What may seem like an "insignificant" experience can, for some, be life changing. Some experiences with crime or violence occur on top of former emotional wounds, making it more difficult to adapt to trauma. It is important for victims to know they are not alone and that the feelings, behaviors and physical symptoms they are experiencing are not uncommon.


CVC provides counseling to victims and their families through individual, family and group sessions designed to address the underlying causes of trauma and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Victims discover their own strength through guided sessions, building upon their own resilience to discover the best ways of establishing a "new normal" following crime.


Our counseling program:

  • Has no waiting list (appointments are arranged within 48 hours of your call)

  • Is free to victims and their families

  • Is provided by licensed therapists

  • Can last as long as the victim needs (no limits on the number of sessions)



For more information about our counseling program, please call (314) 652-3623

To send a confidential message to our counselor, please complete this form (please allow up to 24 business hours for a response):

Public Advocacy


While CVC is dedicated to providing direct services to help victims, we recognize that help is only effective in a supportive community. Our public advocacy efforts ensure that policies, rules and procedures respect victims and their need for assistance, emotional support and privacy.


From helping hospitals establish victim-friendly policies to legislative reform, we diligently seek ways to improve victims' experiences in a variety of community settings.


If you know a way we can help bring attention and dignity to victims, let us know. We are here to give victims a voice.

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Crime Victim Center is committed to nondiscrimination. Our services are available to all victims of crime without regard to race, color, national origin (including limited English proficiency), religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or age.

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